chapter  8
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Sharing Space in University Libraries

ByLeo Appleton

Discussion and debate around academic library space has traditionally centred on how effective the library is with regards to teaching and learning, and much has been written about the pedagogic drivers for developing blended learning spaces and responding to students’ pedagogic demands for service developments (Black and Roberts, 2006, Walton 2006, Waxman et al. 2007). Indeed, such debate has more recently taken on a new direction in the format of the Learning Landscape. Dugdale (2009) suggests that the ‘Learning Landscape approach is about leveraging the power of planning for interaction at the campus level’ and that ‘user engagement’ is key to this planned use of space. These two concepts, those of student engagement and the ef¿cient use of library space within an institutional context are now well accepted within the library and learning space design discussions.