chapter  12
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Evaluation of Space and Use Introduction

This chapter is presented in two parts. The ¿rst outlines why evaluation of space and its use in university libraries has particular signi¿cance at the moment; it also brieÀy introduces methods that have traditionally been used to achieve this and offers examples of other methods that have been applied more recently. It suggests why such approaches are appropriate. The second part reports on a case study in a university library that has recently had new library space, where library managers have applied evaluation methods not used there before. It is intended that this reinforces the case for trying methods new to particular situations and libraries in that it offers guidance to others, indicates advantages and disadvantages of such approaches, and shows the signi¿cance of such exercises for future planning. This chapter is a much adapted version of work presented at the 75th IFLA Satellite Meeting, Turin, 20 August 2009 and an earlier version was published in Lau J., Tammaro, A. M. and Bothma T. (eds), ‘Libraries Driving Access to Knowledge’, 2012, Germany: De Gruyter Saur/IFLA Publications 151.