chapter  1
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Museums and the Work of Photographs

ByElizabeth Edwards, Sigrid Lien

This chapter explores a photograph, a contemporary artwork by the Smi-Norwegian artist Bente Geving displayed in the Smi Museum in Karasjok. The author argues that ecology of sightings in this museum involves something else and more than the interaction between a single viewer and a single work in a decontextualized space. The image of the porcelain plate is part of a larger work titled Margit Ellinor Bente Geving, presents a whole series of photographs of small kitsch still-lifes from a home interior. According to Susan A. Crane, photographs in museums generally have served two distinct purposes. Virtually every photograph can potentially be used as an illustration that can serve a contextualizing purpose. Geving's photograph of the porcelain plate with the Smi-motif clearly resonates with Mikhailov's renegotiation of popular visual material. Geving has also drawn on other forms of media-aesthetic experiences in the further development of her identity project.