chapter  2
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Museums and the Emotional Afterlife of Colonial Photography

This chapter discusses how the use of photographs in the exhibition works to shape a story of the colonial past, including Indies-Dutch collective memory. As its title indicates, The Story of the Netherlands-Indies seeks to narrate the story about colonial past: Het verhaal van Indi has been developed by the Indies Centre of Remembrance in cooperation with Museum Bronbeek. However it is the power of an abundance of photographic images in various sizes, which evoke the affect of The Story, powerfully mediating the relation between the past and the viewer. An interesting example of the ambiguous nature of colonial' photographs, and their mediation is the display and use of one of the so-called Aceh photographs'. The Story is a recent re-enactment of the ex-colony Indies-Dutch memory. The Story is spread over six separate rooms on the first floor of the Indies Remembrance (IHC). Technological manipulation of the photographs heightens the affect and sensory engagement with colonial past in all rooms.