chapter  10
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Exercising Religious Rights in European Classrooms: Value Conflicts between the National, the Supranational and the Transnational

ByKyriaki Topidi

This chapter discusses neutrality and secularism from the perspective of the legal duties that the current scheme of European jurisprudence entails for the state in the area of education. It considers the cases of Switzerland and the UK as playing fields of religious education rights, with emphasis on the internal' routes that religions in education have found and how they relate to the supra-national legal framework in Europe. The legal framework in the UK unambiguously recognizes religious freedoms by virtue of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) as reflected in the Human Rights Act 1998. The chapter concludes that transnational law and its workings can provide a safer' environment for the re-conceptualization and reconsideration of the clashes between the national and the supranational but also for the conflicts of values arising out of the de facto cultural diversity in European classrooms.