chapter  6
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Retrofitting TOD and Managing the Impacts: The Case of Subi Centro

ByAndrew Howe, Geoff Glass, Carey Curtis

This chapter outlines the policy and financial settings for transit oriented developments (TODs) in South East Queensland. In particular, the drivers for the private sector are considered as these are critical to whether TODs are delivered in a meaningful way. The South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP) sets the policy context, targets and mechanism for the achievement of infill with desirably much of this infill close to public transport. The SEQRP has twelve desired regional outcomes (DRO) that provide the policy direction for the future management of growth in SEQ. The achievement of the TOD policy objectives is most likely based on an intuitive view that the community benefits are greater than the community costs of extending all of the residential development out from the current urban areas. The public and private sectors have been progressing TODs in a number of locations in South East Queensland since the early 1990s.