chapter  7
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From Concept to Projects: Stedenbaan, The Netherlands

ByVerena Balz, Joost Schrijnen

In developing its first transit-oriented 'village' at Wellard in the burgeoning southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, Peet Limited has tried to implement a classic definition of transit oriented development (TOD). The transit village or TOD is a compact, mixed-use, walkable community, centred around the transit station that, by design, invites residents, workers, visitors, and shoppers to drive their cars less and ride mass transit more. In recent years with the revival of Perth's sub-urban passenger train network, there is renewed interest in the 'transit village' concept. The new development of Somerly-Clarkson uses innovative design to improve and facilitate community formation by promoting sense of place and nodal development. The Village at Wellard will be the first greenfields TOD in Perth's southern corridor, served by the planned new Southern Suburbs Railway. The process of negotiation with state and local authorities resulted in agreement to a number of enhancements to the plan.