chapter  19
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TODs for a Sustainable Future: Key Principles to ‘Make TOD Happen’

ByLuca Bertolini, Carey Curtis, John L. Renne

Different aspects and examples of the challenge of implementing TOD have been discussed in the preceding chapters. At the end of the journey, this final chapter addresses one central question: what have we learned with respect to making TOD happen? There are different aspects and levels to this question. One aspect is the lessons learned and another is the transferability of these lessons. One level addresses the strategy as a whole, while another focuses on particular tools addressing specific issues. The two aspects (the lessons and their transferability) need to be treated together; otherwise we would fall short of our core aim of providing a toolbox of more general value. The two levels (of the strategy and of the tools) are also tightly connected but for the sake of clarity, will be addressed in succession.