chapter  2
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Planning for Transit Oriented Development: Strategic Principles

ByPeter Newman

This chapter examines the forces helping to propel Portland in a different direction than other communities with modern urban transit systems. The Portland region's approach to transit development has evolved continuously to reflect the region's growing interest, needs and experience in using transit as a community building tool. The Portland region arguably has the most aggressive transit oriented development (TOD) program in the United States. Portland's TOD toolbox includes an enhanced planning framework at the state and regional level, financial incentives for TOD and specialized staff working to accelerate TOD construction. TriMet's involvement in TOD has been as an advocate, an educator, a funder and sometimes a direct participant in development. The TOD Program operates through a series of cooperative agreements between Metro and local jurisdictions, and utilizes development agreements with private developers. TOD has taken centre stage in the Portland region's growth management strategy.