chapter  4
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The Ecclesiology of Acts 1

WithC. Kavin Rowe

The best way to see the ecclesiology of Acts is to situate its political vision within the wider Roman world. This chapter discusses one of the most memorable scenes from the riot in Ephesus. Taking seriously the cultural role of the Ephesian Artemis cult prevents the possibility of reading Demetrius charge simplistically, as if Luke were simply exhibiting the cunning with which the silversmith enlisted others to rescue his business. The chapter examines the series of scenes from Acts 256 that depict the trial of the apostle Paul. It explores the picture that emerges when the scene in Ephesus is held together with Paul's trial by looking closely at a short scene in Thessalonica. The scene in Thessalonica provides the interpretive lens through which to look at the ecclesiology of Acts as a whole because it captures in abbreviated form the animating theological moves that fund the Acts narrative.