chapter  5
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A Place for Whom? A Place for What? The Powers of Destinization

This chapter presents the production characteristics of Fordism and McDonaldism as applied to cruise tourism and land-based cruise excursions and discuss their impact on the destination of external standards that follow cruise tourism. It focuses on cruise excursion production in Lofoten in Northern Norway. The Lofoten archipelago at 68 north stretches into the Atlantic from mainland North Norway, with a rugged Alpine topography of mountains rising from the sea to above 1000 meters, interspersed with some areas of agricultural land. During the last couple of decades Lofoten has become a well-established tourist destination. Mild climate is due to the Gulf Stream and easy access to fish resources has formed the basis for settlements and traditional ways of living for more than 1000 years. The fact that cruise ships call at several ports in Lofoten illustrates the municipal authorities' willingness to engage in this industry, so that they can apply for the government financing of quay development.