chapter  10
18 Pages

Standardization and Power in Cruise Destination Development

ByOla Sletvold

How does getting involved with cruise tourism impact on land-based production and cooperation in a particular destination? This chapter is intended to shed some light on cruise excursion production in Lofoten in Northern Norway. It describes how land-based tourism industry actors and other community members can present and reflect upon their responses and adaptations to the cruise industry and tourists and on the development of Lofoten as a cruise destination. Although it is well established, this destination is a sum of small, spread out and vulnerable businesses and communities. The increase of cruise tourism may imply standardization in the sense coined by Henry Ford – ‘any color as long as it’s black’ – (Ford 1922), meaning less variation and more uniformity, bigger volumes and lower prices. The chapter will present the production characteristics of Fordism and McDonaldism as applied to cruise tourism and land-based cruise excursions and discuss their impact on the destination of external standards that follow cruise tourism.