chapter  2
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Destinations Discourses and the Growth Paradigm

ByArvid Viken

This chapter focuses on the knowledge aspect of ski resort development, while understanding knowledge as scripts that practitioners have learned from formal training, or a practical field, and in addition their practical experience, denoted as phronesis. The tourism development analysed in this chapter takes place in northern Norway, in Mlselv, where a ski resort has been developed since 2006. During the Cold War period Mlselv was a central military base with thousands of soldiers and more than 8500 inhabitants. With the fall of the Soviet Union, Mlselv lost its strategic significance, and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence decided to down-scale its activities in the area. In Mlselv the municipality still in 2013 is supposed to have a vital role, due to recession and economic problems, in the post start-up period. The municipality of Mlselv had a focus on growth, or rather, activities that could compensate for the reduction in military activities.