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Narrative of the First Voyage of Sir James Lancaster

ByEdmund Barker Lieutenant

A voyage with three tall ships—the Penelope, Admirall; the Marchant Royal, Vice-Admirall; and the Edward Bonaventure, Rere-admirall, —to the East Indies, by the Cape of feuona Speransa, to Quitangone, neereMosambique, to the Iles of Comoro and Zanzibar, on the backe-side of Africa, and beyond Cape Comori in India, to the Iles of Nicubar and of Gomes Pulo, within two leagues of Sumatra, to the Ilands of Pulo Pinaom, and thence to the maine land of Malacca, begunne by M. George Raymond, in the yeere 1591, and performed by M. James Lancaster, and written from the mouth of Edmund Barker, of Ipswich, his lieutenant, in sayd voyage, by M. Richard Hakluyt.