chapter  4
22 Pages

Multisource Project Financing

ByDennis Nordstrom, Simon Dickens, Matthew Brown

This chapter shows the status of Chinese and Korean suppliers within the power sector. It examines some of these reasons from falling domestic opportunity through to linkage with tactics to access useful commodities and the impacts they are having on the market. The chapter examines key technical issues central to any internationally financed project finance transaction. The project finance transaction provides some context for an assessment of whether any different issues apply when Chinese and Korean contractors are involved. The chapter discusses the motivations for Korean and Chinese companies to seek to grow their share of the international infrastructure market. It examines some of the tactics contractors, including the Chinese and Koreans, have used to grow their market share outside their domestic market and discusses some of the implications of growing position. Korean and Chinese players are becoming more active across a range of roles in projects including funding, developing, contracting and equipment supply and are increasingly working with partners.