chapter  17
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RBL in the Oil and Gas Sector

ByKeith O’Donnell, KBC

This chapter discusses Vietnam's infrastructure needs with particular focus on the evolving regulatory environment chosen to attract private sector investment. It provides a snapshot of the current state of Vietnam infrastructure development, the framework for addressing these needs and the challenges faced in implementing the infrastructure projects in Vietnam. The chapter focuses on the Vietnam challenge of investment efficiency and the Role of Master Plans and it includes examples from transportation, energy and power. The chapter is written under the premise that Vietnam's legal framework for infrastructure investment will continue to evolve and must eventually address, with clarity, a practicable risk sharing between investors and government and the government's scope of support for projects, if Vietnam is to attract sustained investment. Transportation includes: roads, metros, airports, railways, seaports. The public private partnership (PPP) Framework provides that once an investor is selected, the authorised state body (ASB) execute a PPP contract with such investor within 30 days of the investor selection.