chapter  4
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The Horn of Africa

Transnational and Trans-Regional Dynamics in Europe’s Broader Neighbourhood
WithAlex Vines, Ahmed Soliman

This chapter provides an overview of the current political economy of the region. It moves on to describe some of the background leading up to the adoption of the EU's Strategic Framework for the Horn of Africa. It examines how the approach is fairing since its adoption in 2011, and highlights some of the EU funding instruments used to implement policies in the region. The Strategic Framework for the Horn of Africa should provide coherence in the next cycle of programming, making it easier to determine priorities for each of the countries as well as areas of regional support. The chapter provides an analysis of the EU special envoy for the Horn of Africa's appointment, key challenges and relations, followed by a look at the coherence of the EU's ongoing civilian and military missions. The chapter concludes by questioning the applicability of the EU's democracy and human rights agenda and conditionality toward development efforts with the region.