chapter  Chapter 11
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Spain: Building Reciprocal Relations between Lesbian and Gay Organizations and the State

WithKerman Calvo

This chapter covers a wide period, which begins with the death of Franco in 1975 and ends in 2008, the year of the last general election held in Spain. Spain has become a leading battlefield in the fight for the recognition of lesbian, gay rights. In this chapter idea of generational replacement is introduced to explain the transformation of the Spanish LG into a polity member. It summarizes the findings and introduces some avenues for future investigation. The Barcelona-based 'gay and lesbian platform of Catalonia' (CGL), founded in 1986, was the leading reformist organization in Spain well until the second half of the 1990s. The chapter discusses the profile of two different political generations: namely, 'revolutionary militants' and 'rights activists'. It also targets the State started to dominate ideological, strategic and operational thinking in doing so, the movement was prepared to adjust claims, frameworks of argumentation and modes of protest to meet the expectations of political parties and government bodies.