chapter  7
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Regulating the Irregular: Third-Country Labour Migration in a Changing Society from a Swedish and EU Perspective

This chapter analyses the dialogue between generations on youth criminality and its treatment in institutional settings. It is based on a study of criminality of young men who are either migrants or otherwise categorized as ethnic minorities in Finland because of their family ties. Twenty young men were interviewed together with 40 representatives of adult society dealing with issues such as youth criminality, multiculturalism or integration. Both the everyday and official ways of knowing can be interpreted as collective knowledge on immigration, multiculturalism and racism. As based on official statistics it seems as if the gender gap in offending is even greater among immigrant youth as compared to indigenous young people. Furthermore, telling one's parents about these struggles can be difficult, not only, however, because of lack of confidence between generations or generational differences between two cultures, which are often seen as sources of communication problems in immigrant families.