chapter  9
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The Right to Health Care for Irregular Migrants in Sweden: A Dilemma for the Universal Model and the Moral Economy

Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers arrive at their new destinations through very different motivations, political circumstances and histories. Canada actively recruits new immigrants because they are essential for Canadian economic survival. Denmark, Finland and Sweden have been more hesitant to conceive of immigrants as a good economic investment. The expectation then is that the European Nordic nations distribute integration services to new immigrants not just according to their expressed needs, but according to the principles of universality. In addition, all new legal immigrants are entitled to general rather than specific newcomer services paid for by the government of Canada, the provincial governments, municipalities and charities. Canada's newest policy statement on integrating new immigrants implies an oversight role for the state with service provider organizations engaging new immigrants through front-line functions. All three European Nordic nations have adopted specific legislation which outlines their commitments regarding service distribution to aid the absorption of new immigrants into their societies and labour market.