chapter  10
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Ethnic Minorities among Other Minorities: A Disfavoured Group in Danish Society?

ByMartin Bak Jørgensen, Ruth Emerek

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book shows that a country may enact legislation with discriminatory features even though it has adopted or ratified anti-discrimination instruments. Canada has special immigration policies and processes to add, screen and select skilled trades and professionals to its labour force. A likely consequence of the media hype against 'bad immigrants' increased difficulty in adopting progressive immigration policy-development in nations where anti-immigrant vigilance eclipses pro-immigration advocacy. State officials endure political criticism from the anti-immigration population and immigrants endure resentment from citizens who fear losing privileges, identity and status. European nations with growing dependencies on international labour should do much more to promote immigration as a survival investment in their countries. In the European Nordic nations we have seen that immigrants from outside the EU are less welcomed than those from within the European Union (EU).