chapter  2
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From the Bottom Up: Developing a Community Based Immigration Strategy: A Canadian Case Study

This chapter discusses the labour market standards and provisions, in relation to the emerging European union( EU) legislation on labour migration, with the intention of calling into question from a legal perspective the categorization of workers as belonging to 'us' or 'them'. It examines the recent EU legislation on employment for legal as well as 'illegally staying third-country nationals', the implementation of Swedish legislation and also touch on some of the consequences of the measures for EU. To further develop this division, attention must be paid to the fact that, from an EU law perspective, migration from another member state is significantly differentiated from third-country labour migration. In recent years, and especially since the EU expansion in 2004, labour migration has become an increasingly important part of the labour markets in the member states. Third-country nationals migrating for work related reasons are classified as either regular or irregular migrants.