chapter  14
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Abject Utopianism: On the Silence, Apathy, and Drifting of Psychic Life in Samuel R. Delany’s Hogg

In this chapter I make an effort to remedy the apparent lack of connections between these two wonderfully prolific and important thinkers by means of the concepts of abjection and utopia. Using Kristeva’s theories of subjectivity and psychoanalysis (especially the concepts of the abject, love, and psychic life) and using them to read Delany’s pornographic novel Hogg, I argue that Delany projects a literary narrative depicting one individual’s abject utopian struggle to connect with the social in a meaningful way, one that is marginalized in our contemporary late modern culture. The apparent abject silence, apathy, and drifting of Delany’s

protagonist, Cocksucker, can be interpreted as potentially subversive behaviours and strategies emblematic of what I call abject utopianism.