chapter  9
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Searching for Sisters: The Influence of Biblical Role Models on Young Women from Mainstream and Charismatic Evangelical Traditions

Much has been written of the relational character of women’s faith. In her research, Nicola Slee identifies a strong sense of relationality in women’s faith development.1 Other research suggests that both the sharing of story and the part played by fore-sisters are significant in nurturing women’s faith journeys.2 Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza’s ‘hermeneutic of remembrance’ also illustrates this.3 Studies in sociology and psychology support these findings; many women testify to inspirational role models who might intuitively understand them, particularly those who feel marginalized such as women in male-dominated professions.4 Developmental models further suggest this need for community and identification is particularly significant for young adults.5 At this exciting and complicated time,

young women will often look for examples of those who have walked a similar path before them as they explore their identity, potential and faith.6