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ByAnne Phillips, Fran Porter, Nicola Slee

The Faith Lives of Women and Girls is a collection of essays based on recent, original field research conducted by a range of contributors and informed by a variety of theoretical perspectives, into the faith lives of women and girls – broadly from within a Christian context. The main focus of the book is on original qualitative research that identifies, illuminates and enhances understanding of key aspects of women’s and girls’ faith lives. Offered as a contribution to feminist practical and pastoral theology, the essays arise out of and feed back into a range of pastoral and practical contexts in the United Kingdom and Ireland – whilst also drawing on and related to other contexts – offering a significant resource to practical theologians, researchers and practitioners. As well as seeking to offer new research into the faith lives of women and girls, an accompanying theme throughout the book is on the research process itself, understood from feminist and practical theological perspectives – we are concerned particularly to ask and explore how the research process enshrines fundamental principles of faith and feminism such as liberation, empowerment, respect for the other, collaborative forms of knowledge, and so on.