chapter  10
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A Transdisciplinary Approach

Working with individuals in a sex offender treatment programme
ByKate Rothwell, Laura Henagulph

The beauty of transdisciplinary work is the opportunity to learn new ways of thinking and develop new adaptions to the work. The sex offender treatment programme was one such intervention. In this chapter, the authors find that combining art therapy and psychology allowed patients to access the modules in a more visceral, visual manner. They explore therapeutic approach nurtured reflective function, were highly flexible and could be adapted to individual needs. The authors aims to combine art therapy and psychology to facilitate a gentle, non-exposing, iterative process, when considering an approach that would enable cognitively impaired and highly defended patients to access the Sex Offender Treatment Programme. They conclude with collaboration – through transdisciplinary working – promoted a highly flexible and adaptive approach to individual needs and a safe working experience for the clinicians. Transdisciplinary supervision allowed for the processes at play to be recognised and explored to better understanding the impact of the material on the individual facilitators.