chapter  13
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Almost Paradise

A creative arts collaboration helping US veterans recover from homelessness
ByLisa Peacock

A growing number of people in the United States are learning about the impact of the arts therapies. In retrospect creative arts is miraculous that dramatherapy, art therapy, music therapy, writing and poetry therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness of breathing, a men's group, and healing retreats are the heart of a therapeutic model of care in a conservative Midwestern state. Inspired by United Kingdom strategies to help people recover from homelessness, this integrated programme was designed to support veterans' recovery. In the chapter, the author aims to share the voices and experiences of many of the arts therapists involved in the programme. S. Vinogradov and I. D. Yalom point out that group psychotherapy provides an environment where group members interact with each other as well as the therapist. This makes group psychotherapy an ideal tool for veterans who are re-socialised into the brotherhood of military service.