chapter  10
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A three-dimensional feminist post-structuralist analysis
ByChristine Hudson, Malin Rönnblom

This epilogue presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book brings feminist and post-structuralist research approaches into dialogue with each other by developing theoretically informed empirical analyses. It mobilises a feminist analysis to interrogate Foucauldian concepts and understandings, and draw on Foucauldian concepts/analysis in order to reconsider feminist analysis and political projects. The book articulates the insights regarding austerity politics that arise when aspects such as policy, ideology and governmentality are assessed using the tools of feminist analysis, and illustrates how a feminist analysis can focus on the ways in which governing practices both affect different groups of women. It shows how women become a part of austerity governing, demonstrating that women have an ambiguous role in public and social policy, and illustrating how they are both the agents and the objects of new governmentalities.