chapter  5
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Problematisation as performative practice

An analysis of research articles on gender and innovation
ByLine Säll

This chapter reflects on governing through problematisation by using Bacchi's approach as an analytical strategy. It illustrates the performative practice of scholarly analysis by focusing empirically on scholarly research on the relation between innovation and gender. The aim of the empirical analysis is to analyse how scholarly work produces gender through different problematisations of the relationship between gender and innovation. The chapter suggests that the 'joint innovation dance' could be looked upon as a paradigmatic case: a case that reflects the public urge for evidence-based policy-making and policy-learning through governmental technologies such as bench-marking, best practice, contracting and evaluation. The representation of the relationship between gender and innovation produces gender in terms of 'masculine values', where women are assumed to contribute values to innovation processes. The chapter concludes the effects of representations of the relationship between gender and innovation and the contradictions that arise from them, as well as suggesting what feminist post-structuralist analyses could contribute in the future.