chapter  6
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Unsettling neoliberalism?

Governmentality, feminist analysis and problematisations of workers’ mental health
ByKatherine Teghtsoonian

This chapter focuses on the work of critical scholars to argue the value of taking up neoliberalism as complex, partially achieved and contingent rather than monolithic and stable. It argues that there is a complex and uneven relationship between feminist analysis, the social justice commitments with which it is often associated, and the forms of expertise and political rationalities enacted through the initiatives that have grown up around workers' mental health. The chapter also focuses on the conceptual framework of governmentality to consider the forms of expertise, discursive strategies and governing technologies that are visible within texts through which the mental health of employed Canadians has been problematised and strategies for addressing it proposed. Bringing feminist analysis into conversation with the conceptual framework of governmentality has generated distinctive insights into problematisations of workers' mental health and the governing technologies to which they give rise.