chapter  9
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Analysing power at play

(Re-)doing an analytics of the political in an era of governance
ByMalin Rönnblom

This chapter attempts to bring together a discussion of different areas of scholarship in order to relate the changing forms of governing to the political, and within this framework to develop a multi-faceted analysis of the political. Central to the analysis of both governing and the political is, of course, power. The chapter explains how power and politics/the political are produced/used within two areas of scholarship that address new forms of governing, governance and governmentality studies, and then relate these findings to more in-depth theorising on politics and the political. This includes explicit suggestions for how to define and analyse the political and also how to incorporate a feminist analysis within this field. The chapter presents a suggestion for an analytics of the political that takes governing processes into account. It also addresses the 'shift' within governing.