chapter  13
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The Froebel Blockplay Research Project

Reflections from a practitioner researcher 25 years on
ByDeborah Albon

In this chapter, the author reflects on being an educator-researcher in the Froebel Blockplay Research Project, examining thorny issues of consent when simultaneously occupying a position of being a researcher and educator through re-engaging with a memory of a child who enjoyed being an onlooker of other children's constructing/constructions. The author re-examines 'noticing' and 'capturing' children's play experiences through copious documentation in the contemporary context when documenting activity is increasingly reified over engaging with children's present, embodied and relational selves. Digital cameras were a technology of the future and using a camera incurred costs, so the people often had to draw the children's constructions ourselves and increasingly the children joined us in the endeavour. Tina kindly offered to help with the media resources, which in those days was an archaic looking carousel to house photographs of the children's constructions.