chapter  15
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The Froebel Trust Kolkata project

BySara Holroyd, Thelma Miller, Felicity Thomas, Jill Leyberg, Kate Razzall, Asim Dutta

This chapter begins with excerpts from notes of the Annual Report (2017) of the Parivar Trust with whom the Froebel Trust team worked from 2012 in two phases. It helps readers to see the different cultural contexts and challenges and in the South Africa work and the work in Kolkata. Froebelian approaches to education have risen to the challenge of offering culturally appropriate practice, and have laid great emphasis on working hard to develop decolonised education practices. The Kolkata project was initiated by Froebel Trust Trustee and Chair of the Education Committee Professor Maurice Craft and the Trust Chief Executive, Group Captain Laurence Barnes in 2012 as part of the work of the Froebel Trust and following in the footsteps of the Soweto Project, led by Tina Bruce. In June 2014, Sara Holroyd and Jill Leyberg gave a workshop presentation disseminating the work of the Froebel Trust in Kolkata at the International Froebel Society Conference in Canterbury.