chapter  25
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The Well-Being of babies, children under three and staff leaders in daycare

ByPeter Elfer

Increased research attention is being paid to the role of emotion and children's Well-Being in early learning and development. Much work has been done on defining 'Well-Being', although it is a complex notion engendering different understandings in different contexts and by different stakeholders. Nevertheless, in early childhood, both research and practice widely recognises the importance of a child's Well-Being as a prerequisite of engaged play and effective learning. The aim of the research was therefore to evaluate the contribution of Tavistock Observation Method (TOM) to assisting nursery practitioners observe the details of children's play, interactions and early learning with particular attention to their emotional dimensions. The overall aim of the research was to explore whether the heads experience work discussion as helpful to them and whether they consider it makes a positive difference to interactions between staff and children.