chapter  27
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The experiences and pedagogical beliefs, perspectives and practices of students at Froebel College *

ByKate Hoskins, Sue Smedley

The research interrogated the educational experiences of a small cohort of students who attended Froebel College in the 1950s and 1960s to consider how these experiences impacted on their pedagogical beliefs, perspectives and practices. The project data explored the possibilities and challenges associated with taking a Froebelian pedagogic approach. The project data highlighted the participants' perceptions of the importance and distinctive features of child centred learning. The data has also examined how to protect and extend Froebelian philosophy in practice and to reflect on the value of doing so. The project considered how contemporary education policy could further utilise Froebelian ideals and values in terms of teacher training and early childhood education provision in the UK. Dissemination of the findings to academics and practitioners has the potential to directly influence pedagogic practice. The data has provided fascinating life history insights into the participants' family background and experiences of training at Froebel College and their subsequent career journeys.