chapter  30
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The Froebel Colleges

ByTina Bruce, Louie Werth, Anne Louise de Buriane

This chapter examines Froebel training in Colleges of Education through the lens of some of the Principals of the Froebel Educational Institute; prominent supporters and advocates; and one of its influential graduates. The early Froebel Colleges were Bedford, Clapham and Streatham Hill, the Froebel Educational Institute, Rachel McMillan, Maria Grey and St Mary's London. Students took a 3-year course, studying for the National Froebel Union Certificate. Special Diplomas for the experienced Froebel trained teachers were a post graduate Diploma for those wishing to work with younger children, and special Diplomas in Handwork, Trainers Diploma, Nursery School and Natural History. The Principals whose contributions are Esther Lawrence, Eglantyne Jebb, Molly Brearley and Peter Weston. Esther Lawrence established the Froebelian tradition of a Demonstration school linked to the College. Esther Lawrence writes in the 1920s: It is important in the world of today that every woman should be able to earn her own living.