chapter  31
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The Froebel Educational Institute

Influential tutors and Froebelian PhD graduates
ByTina Bruce, Kevin Brehony, Louie Werth, Suzanne Flannery Quinn

Teachers who inspire are deeply valued by their students. The Froebel Educational Institute (FEI) did its students proud in this respect. The chapter begins by paying tribute to the inspirational tutors with illustrations of their work. They are Rosalie Lulham, Dr. Mollie Davies MBE, Gwen Allen, Elizabeth Hitchfield, Sheila Roberts and Professor Kevin Brehony. The chapter summarises completed studies by PhD students who were awarded bursaries by The Froebel Trust. Rosalie Lulham also took a great interest in the 'social question'. In 1913 she went to Birmingham and there began to engage in social work. She had previously organized holidays for 5-year-olds and worked with blind children; but in Birmingham she worked at the Settlement in Summer Lane, a welfare centre for the poor when there was no welfare state. Davies discussed the issue of movement and cognitive development along with the idea of 'moving and thinking and moving and feeling'.