chapter  32
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Schools with a strong Froebelian influence

ByTina Bruce, Mark Hunter, Debby Hunter

Frederich Froebel did not support the idea of 'Froebel schools'. However, he embraced the idea of staff in schools setting out on a Froebelian journey into how best to educate children and to enhance family and community life. The chapter presents several examples, which demonstrate this approach according to what is appropriate in their physical and cultural settings. Franciska Bayliss was appointed as the head teacher of Ibstock Place School in 1984, which until her retirement in 2000 continued its proud tradition of being influenced by Froebelian principles. Helping children to grow in self-confidence and in autonomy so that they can develop intellectually is key to the Froebelian model. Through a curriculum based on children's interests, teachers and children become excited about what they are doing often taking on things which are big and wonderful or rather ambitious arising from small learning encounters or conversations.