chapter  33
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The Froebel networking tradition and kitchen seminars

ByMark Hunter, Tina Bruce

"Froebel Networks Gathering" continues a long tradition of networking amongst Froebelians in the UK which can trace its origins back to the formation of the Froebel Society in 1874. Miss Beata Doreck held a meeting at her house in November of that year 'to bring into communication all who are occupied or otherwise interested in Kindergarten work, and to extend a knowledge of the system both in its theory and in its practice'. The Froebel Network therefore continues its role as a membership organisation for all those interested in Froebelian education in the UK, providing its members with the opportunity to stay in touch, share news, training opportunities and conferences and to promote good practice. From 2008, a group of headteachers, advisory staff and University tutors were invited to join Froebel Kitchen seminars at the home of Tina Bruce, encouraged by Maurice Craft and visited by the then Chair of the Froebel Trust, William McIntyre.