chapter  34
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Communities of Froebelian practice

Strawberry runners and the Edinburgh Froebel Network
ByMaureen Baker, Stella Brown, Tina Bruce, Catriona Gill, Chris McCormick, Lynn McNair, Jane Whinnett

This chapter explores that the beginnings of the Edinburgh Froebel Network are unearthed and subjected to analysis and scrutiny, although its story continues to develop. The development of powerful communities of practice more often than not remains undocumented. Yet the fascinating ways in which such networks of early childhood educational practice have developed and influenced policy are useful to ponder and give important lessons for the future of policy-making and relevant research. The meeting of like minds, the importance of relationships and the joint workings and communications that follow are not tangible to identify. However, they play a central and critical role in the development of sustained communities of practice such as the Edinburgh Froebel Network. Kevin Brehony challenged Froebel tutors and interpreters of Froebelian practice working in the current historic time to consider the extent to which the people are always influenced by the time and place in which one locates the work and lives.