chapter  35
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Froebelian conferences and courses and the Early Childhood Research Centre, Froebel College (ECRC), University of Roehampton

ByTina Bruce, Jane Read, Helen Tovey

Professor Kevin Brehony, on his appointment at the Froebel Professor at the Froebel College, University of Roehampton, established the Early Childhood Research Centre (ECRC). At the same time, Tina Bruce was made an honorary Professor, and he asked her to organise seminars with a Froebelian focus of interest to practitioners as well as researchers. Conference attendance seems to give confidence to delegates such that they feel encouraged to sign up for the course. This is especially important as many early childhood practitioners enter the field of work through access routes, or may have studied for their initial training some time ago and feel anxious about returning to more academic writing and study. Speakers such as Jan Dubiel, Professors Milda Bredikyte, Pentti Hakarainen and Adam Ockelford give a presentation and engage in critical dialogue regarding their focus, which led to an increasingly explicit articulation and robust examination of Froebelian principles and influences.