chapter  36
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Froebelian conferences at Canterbury Christ Church University

ByTina Bruce, Yordanka Valkanova

A major contribution to Froebelian education has been led by Yordanka Valkanova at Canterbury Christ Church University, working with a team of colleagues who have given solid and sustained support. From 2011, with a supporting grant from the Froebel Trust, conferences addressing different aspect of Froebelian educational approaches have been organised. The cost of attending could be affordable for practitioners because of the grant. Typically the conferences are attended by practitioners, students, head teachers and managers, academics and a few parents. They come from a wide area, including Cambridgeshire, Kent, East Sussex, Medway, Greater London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Edinburgh, Japan and the USA. Marjorie Ouvry took the Froebel Certificate course in Aberdeen in the 1960s. Only students gaining distinction in their teacher training could do so, and the External Examiner, Alice Munroe was impressed with her practice. Before retiring Marjorie Ouvry was Head of the Rachel McMillan nursery school in Deptford. She has written on music and outdoor and physical learning.