chapter  37
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The International Froebel Society

ByTina Bruce

The International Froebel Society (IFS) was founded at the 3-day conference organised by Heinrike Schauwecker-Zimmer in Dresden. The Froebel Trust continued the tradition of funding members of the Education Committee to attend IFS conferences. Funding was also awarded to those about to graduate from the Froebel Trust-endorsed travelling tutor training. This chapter provides an international forum for the development of the principles of educational theory and practice associated with the child centred philosophy of Friedrich Froebel. It establishes opportunities internationally for research, discussion and debate on early childhood education. The chapter details the Froebelian theory and practice in early childhood education worldwide. It discusses the university accredited certificates and diplomas in professional practice in early years education and related topics. The chapter examines Froebelian educational activity internationally and explores plans to offer international recognition and accreditation for Froebelian educational practice.