chapter  4
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Connectedness in Froebel’s philosophy

Women, parents, community and unity
ByLouie Werth

This chapter discusses three key beliefs of Frederich Froebel that underpinned many of his key pedagogical approaches. It proposes that a deeper understanding of Froebelian ideas and of Froebel himself can be developed by looking at his beliefs on the role of women in early childhood education; the importance of parents and the community in children's learning; and the concept of unity as an underpinning tenet of pedagogy. The chapter briefly illustrates Froebel's own writings on women and his belief in the need to educate women as teachers before considering what the recent literature raises in regard to this important issue. Froebel's conception of the role and importance of the family in a child's education is closely related to his ideas about motherhood and the teaching workforce. Froebel's belief in the importance of women working with young children is often cited as a central and distinguishing tenet in Froebel's educational philosophy.