chapter  5
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Froebel’s contributions to early childhood pedagogy

ByLouie Werth

This chapter discusses four key areas of early years practice in which Frederich Froebel has made a significant contribution: the Gifts and Occupations and the Mother Songs (as pedagogical resources and tools); the importance of play (as a mode of learning); and outdoor learning (in unity with the natural environment). It looks at Froebel's own views on his contributions in each area and how recent research and practice has represented or developed these aspects of early years provision. The chapter emphasises that major themes in Froebel's writings are observed across these key aspects of practice, and shows that Froebelianism is not a set of activities, but a set of principles that permeate and resonate in all that Froebel said and did. Strauch-Nelson argues that the theme of self-activity and play is one of the lasting influences of Froebel on early childhood pedagogy.