chapter  13
The future of education
ByVanessa Cottle, Anne O’Grady
Pages 13

This chapter explores the future of education in the compulsory, further and higher education (HE) sectors. It also explores the economy and social mobility. As government is the key funding agent for education that takes place in schools, colleges and universities, it has great influence on plans for the future. For the next generation to flourish, education systems must equip every child with the knowledge and skills, the qualifications and confidence they need to succeed. Curriculum design of the future should help learners understand the potential dangers arising from digital online worlds and how to navigate them safely and with positive purpose. The Research Excellence Framework (REF) and Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) aim to support the higher education sector to be able to demonstrate their commitment to high-quality research as well as high-quality teaching, allowing employers to recruit students who have the knowledge and skills required for high-level employment positions.