chapter  19
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Supporting teachers’ spontaneous use of talk moves during inquiry dialogue

WithAlina Reznitskaya, Ian A. G. Wilkinson, Joseph Oyler

This chapter discusses a professional development program designed to help classroom teachers use a special kind of discourse, called inquiry dialogue. The professional development program was specifically focused on promoting teachers' use of inquiry dialogue. The chapter describes our efforts to identify and evaluate instructional activities and materials that promote teachers' learning and spontaneous use of talk moves during inquiry dialogue in elementary language arts classrooms. The topics discussed during coaching can emerge from concerns that the teacher brings to the session or from the discussion segments identified by the coach. Informed by prior work in professional development and our own ongoing study, a set of design principles is developed to guide future iterations of our program. Coaching with the Argumentation Rating Tool serves as a mechanism for identifying challenges teachers face in their facilitation and for determining new strategies to try out in response to those challenges.