chapter  7
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The effect of teaching styles on students’ learning strategy use and interest in studying science

WithEtsuko Tanaka

Many previous studies have pointed out that the learning strategy used influences the resulting quality of learning, and that some strategies lead to good achievement while others do not. In 1988, Ames and Archer pointed out that interventions aimed at training of learning strategies might not have lasting effects if the classroom does not support the targeted outcomes of the intervention. Possible scale items were collected to construct the scale for assessing students' perceptions of the teaching styles that their science teachers use. Emotion-related interest pertains to interest associated with personal emotions and emotional responses. The finding that interest based on value and learning strategy use have a reciprocal relationship suggests that we can encourage students' use of deep processing strategy by improving interest based on value, and vice versa. A practical suggestion is made based on the findings of this study for improving students' use of leaning strategies focusing on understanding of meaning in science study.