chapter  8
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Effects of students’ perceptions of test value and motivation for learning on learning strategy use in mathematics

WithMasayuki Suzuki, Yuan Sun

This chapter focuses on students' perceptions of test value as predictors of students' use of learning strategies. Self-regulated learners are persistent, resourceful, confident, and they are superior academic achievers. Metacognitive strategies are planning, monitoring, and controlling one's own learning process. Students' metacognitive skills are related to academic achievement, with self-regulated learners setting strategic plans and monitoring their progress in test situations. Exploratory multilevel analyses showed that the intercepts of all dependent variables, except surface processing strategies, had a significant variance component between classrooms, thus indicating that the use of learning strategies differed among classrooms. Educators need to attend to students' perceptions of test value and guide them to perceive test value in terms of improvement of learning rather than enforcement. Some studies have shown positive effects on interest and achievement when experimenters intervene in students' perceptions of test value. These findings imply that modifying students' perceptions of test value may contribute greatly to their adoption of effective learning strategies.