chapter  4
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Ma Matou Ma Tatou – Working Together to Change Young Lives: Where to Next with Child Protection in New Zealand?

This chapter sets out some key developments in New Zealand that guide and shape the future of child protection services. It examines some current patterns and trends in child welfare and explores the strategic approach being taken to respond to these problems in which tackling family violence is an integral part. Like good social work practice, the road map to improvement involves a balancing of shared interests with a range of stakeholders – children and young people, families and communities, service providers and state agencies – in how they can collectively achieve change for children and young people. Underpinning any strategy, of course, there are key cultural concepts about how society thinks about its children

and, particularly in the context of child protection work, about how we view children and young people as citizens in their own right rather than ‘cases’ or ‘objects of concern’ (Butler-Sloss 1988).